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Canada’s province of New Brunswick has launched an innovative pilot immigration program aimed at attracting skilled workers to fill critical job vacancies. The New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot, a joint federal-provincial initiative, is designed to address the shortage of workers in specific industries while providing newcomers with essential support and opportunities for integration. The program has garnered support from key employers who are committed to nurturing a diverse workforce and helping immigrants thrive in their new community.

Participating Employers: Six reputable employers have stepped forward to participate in the New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot, underscoring their dedication to both economic growth and social integration. These employers are:

  1. Cooke Aquaculture
  2. Groupe Savoie Inc
  3. Groupe Westco
  4. Imperial Manufacturing
  5. J.D. Irving Ltd
  6. McCain Foods

Program Benefits and Employer Requirements: Participating employers are required to demonstrate a strong commitment to the successful establishment of newcomers. To qualify, they must:

  • Provide robust settlement plans for housing and transportation
  • Have comprehensive human resources planning for recruiting and on-the-job skills enhancement
  • Offer up to 200 hours of language training
  • Provide guidance for candidates pursuing Canadian secondary education equivalency

The New Brunswick Advantage: New Brunswick has a history of successful immigration-related pilot programs, making it an ideal location for this initiative. The program not only fills critical vacancies but also prioritizes long-term retention and meaningful employment for newcomers. With a focus on supporting both employers and immigrants, the province aims to create a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved.

Prioritizing Applications: In addition to the New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot, the province is also prioritizing immigration applications from specific technology and health-related occupations, as well as international graduates. The initiative targets 12 National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes, ensuring that the province’s workforce needs are met while welcoming newcomers who possess valuable skills.

The 12 NOC codes being prioritised are:

Technology Occupations

  1. 2147: Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)
  2. 2172: Database analysts and data administrators
  3. 2173: Software engineers and designers
  4. 2174: Computer programmers and interactive media developers
  5. 2175: Web designers and developers
  6. 2281: Computer network technicians
  7. 2282: User support technicians
  8. 2283: Information systems testing technicians

Health-Related Occupations

  1. 3012: Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses
  2. 3233: Licensed practical nurses
  3. 3413: Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates
  4. 4412: Home support workers, housekeepers and related occupations

The New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot exemplifies Canada’s commitment to fostering economic growth and cultural diversity. By partnering with forward-thinking employers and providing essential support to newcomers, the program sets a positive precedent for other regions to follow. As the pilot unfolds over the next five years, its impact will be regularly monitored to ensure its responsiveness to immigration needs and its ability to deliver lasting benefits to the province and its residents.

For more information about the New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot and the immigration opportunities it offers, please visit the official websites of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NB PNP).